Surel, Segal & Gubitsch

It is in 2014 that a new unclassifiable trio comes into existence “Surel Segal & Gubitsch”. An apparently improbable meeting. Three characters and three voices – as unique as the violin of Sebastien, the cello of Vincent and the electric guitar of Tomás- brought together as much by the musical territories that they share as by their differences and their unique features. Their repertory, essentially their own compositions, also gives space to versions of pieces by, amongst others, Thelonious Monk, Hermeto Pascoal or Charlie Chaplin. On stage, Sebastien, Vincent and Tomás sail between written scores and improvisations and navigate between many musical continents, plunging us into the subtley and the intensity of their shared language that is the language of sound. To put it briefly, they play together. Simply listening to them will convince you that their apparently improbable meeting was in fact unavoidable.

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