Tomás Gubitsch 6 • ULYSSES’ TANGO

1. Ulysses’ inventory

2. Todos los sueños, el sueño

3. (to be continued…)


It is probably in the sextet that Gubitsch’s writing takes on its fullest forms. The palette of sonic colours, along with the harmonic and contrapuntal richness of this group allows him to push his iconoclastic tango towards a chamber music that is as sophisticated as it is moving, as subtle as it is energetic, as intimate as it is violent.


Sharing the scene with his accomplices for ten years – Juanjo Mosalini and Eric Chalan -, they are joined by three exceptional soloists :  Sébastien Surel(violin), Marc Desmons (viola) and Lionel Allemand (cello),
The unique « voices » of these six virtuosos are joined by, amongst others, the voices of Marilú Marini, of Angélique Ionatos and of John Greaves.


The triptych « Ulysses’ Tango » was conceived in a version that existed in physical space as well as in a concert version. The voices of poets that Tomás knew- Borges, Cortazer or Fondebrider – are mixed with those of Dylan Thomas or Kavafis.


Kavafis’ poem, « Ithaca », is the guiding light of this compositional triptych of which the first two panels were created in the Theatre de la Ville, Paris, in 2012 and 2014 (the creation of the third part is scheduled for the beginning of 2016 as part of the artist’s residency in the Theatre des Bergeries, Noisy-le-Sec and in partnership with the Theatre de la Ville).

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