Surel, Segal & Gubitsch

It is in 2014 that a new unclassifiable trio comes into existence “Surel Segal & Gubitsch”. An apparently improbable meeting. Three characters and three voices – as unique as the violin of Sebastien, the cello of Vincent and the electric guitar of Tomás- brought together as much by the musical territories that they share as […]


Tomás Gubitsch 6 • ULYSSES’ TANGO

1. Ulysses’ inventory 2. Todos los sueños, el sueño 3. (to be continued…)   It is probably in the sextet that Gubitsch’s writing takes on its fullest forms. The palette of sonic colours, along with the harmonic and contrapuntal richness of this group allows him to push his iconoclastic tango towards a chamber music that is […]


Tomás Gubitsch Trio

Tomás Gubitsch- « magic fingers » as he is known in the Argentinian press- presents us his compositions, including ones from his last album « Itaca » in trio. The two virtuoso who share the stage with him – Juanjo Mosalini, for whom the bandoneon is a family affair, and Eric Chalan, a polyglot on the double bass- these […]